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Sat. 13th July 2019

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Rosengarten Schlern Sky Marathon competition rules

The extreme mountain running race “Rosengarten Schlern SKY Marathon” is held by the Organization Committee Team, in cooperation with the amateur sports club Tiers,
with various associations, and with “Dynafit enterprise”.
The race consists of 2 different track lengths:
·    a long track with a total length of 44,7 km and an elevation gain of 2.980 metres no asphalt
·    a 35,8 km short track and an elevation gain of 1.908 metres
The race starts on Saturday, 7th July 2018 at 07:00 am from Saint Cyprian/Tiers

The finish line is in Tiers/centre (see track map)

The long track has a length of 44,7 km on non-asphalt trails and an elevation gain of 2.980 metres.
The shorter track is 35,8 km long with an elevation gain of 1.908 meters
All men and woman can participate if they have reached their 18th birthday on or before July 7th, 2018 and also meet the following requirements:
• participants with residence in Italy: must have a valid sports medical certificate for track and field pursuant to art. 5 of Ministerial Decree 18.02.1982. The certificate must be issued by a doctor specialized in sports medicine. A copy must be sent to the organisers until July 6th, 2018 via Fax: +39 0471 088191 or Email:
• participants with residence outside Italy: according to the Italian law, in order to participate in extreme races in Italy, contestants resident abroad must submit a medical certificate of physical fitness, which must be sent until July 5th, 2018 to the organizers via Fax: +39 0471 088191 or Email: You can download a submission form of a medical certificate here: Each participant must be able to complete the race at his/her own risk, and must take care for his/her own self-supply and equipment. The “Rosengarten Schlern Sky Marathon” proceeds on a very demanding route and requires:
• a sure foot,
• no fear of heights,
• excellent psycho-physical conditions,
• partial self-supply,
• experience with extreme mountain races,
• a good sense of orienteering and confidence by night and in foggy weather conditions.
This race has a limited number of participants. A maximum of 500 people can participate, and the organization reserves the right to exclude people from participation and to vary the maximum number of participants. In such a case, the date of entry will be used as the criterion for determining the entry.
The registration takes place online on or Personal information will be collected by Datasport and by the organizers. Registrations are possible from October 1st, 2017 and closes July 6th, 2018. When entering the Rosengarten Schlern sky race, participants implicitly accept the rules of the race. T-Shirt: Each participant will receive a T-Shirt provided by the main sponsor in his dress size (specify when registering).
The registration fee usually will NOT be refunded. If the route is shortened or the race is cancelled due to reasons beyond the organizers‘ control, the registration fee will NOT be refunded or credited toward next year‘s race. DATASPORT plc offers an insurance to refund the entry fee in case of illness or injury. Further information is available during the online entry process. The start number can be transferred to another person for justified reasons (illness or injury) until July 6th, 2018 after the payment of 10 € of registration fee.
(contestants must be at least 18 years old)
M1 2000 - 1979 18 - 39 years old
M2 1978 - 1969 40 - 49 years old
M3 1968 - 1959 50 - 59 years old
M4 1958 and earlier 60 years old and older

W1 2000 - 1979 18 - 39 years old
W2 1978 - 1964 40 - 54 years old
W3 1963 and earlier 55 years old and older
Prizes will be awarded 3 hours after the arrival of the first content in the finish line area, in the main place of Tiers. Prizes will be awarded to the top five women and men of the long track and to the top three women and men of the short track. After prize award around 15 o’clock, there will be a lottery on the place of the village for all the participants. The prizes will be assigned to all starting numbers – and if not present alto later.
                                    45 KM   36 KM
until 18 June 2018             50 €      45 €
after 18 June 2018            60 €      55 €


The map of the route shows the locations of the refreshment stations. The following will be available at each refreshment station: water, energy drinks, energy bars, fruit and nuts. Self-supply is required. Participants must have the required equipment during the race and after each supply station (see the „Equipment“ section, below). The dishes offered at refreshment stations must be eaten on place; they can not be taken away. Natural water is at disposal to refill bottles or Camelbaks. No plastic cups are available at refreshment stations. Participants must bring their own cup or a suitable container.
Participants must follow the established route, which is suitably marked. Any deviations from the route will result in disqualification of the participant (see the „Sanctions“ section, below). Participants are required to pass by various checkpoints. If a runner does not run through a checkpoint, he/she will be disqualified.

By entering the race, every participant is recommended to carry the
equipment listed below.
• a backpack or waist-bag
• a mobile phone, which must be charged and kept on at all times
• safety numbers of the organization and emergency numbers stored in the mobile phone (Race director Bernhard Rieder +39 3356181972 - emergency 112)
• a flask or CamelBak container
• cups or a container for drinking
• enough food to enable the contestant to reach the next refreshment point
• a cap, headband or other type of hat
• a first-aid kit: Sterile absorbent gauze compresses, bandages, plaster
• aluminium survival cover / emergency cover
• a change of clothes
• a sun protection cream

If for any reason, an athlete interrupts the run, he/she will be responsible for his/her own return. In case of emergency, please call the clerk of the course at the no. + 39 335 61 81 972 or directly the first aid at the no. 112.

The race numbers will be assigned in Tiers, St. Georg street 73 on July 6th, 2017 from 17:00  to 21:00 pm and on July, 7th, 2017 from 05:00 to 06:40 am.
Each participant will be provided with:
• 1 race number: it has to be worn in a clearly visible position in front on the chest. The race number provides access to refreshment stations areas, first aid and rest points, the clothing storage area, the showers and the shuttle service. In addition to the race number, the contestants will also receive a sticker for the runner bags. Furthermore, a food voucher is included, redeemable directly at the summer party of the ASV Tiers in the finish area.
• Map of the route: all contestants will be given a map of the route that shows the locations of the refreshing stations, checkpoints and additional useful information.
• Bags: participants will be given a bag for the finish line. No valuables or fragile items should be left in the bags. The organization doesn't respond for items that have been possibly lost or damaged during the transport.
  • T-Shirt: Each participant will receive a T-Shirt provided by the main sponsor Dynafit in his dress size (specify when registering).
A briefing will be held on Saturday, July 7th, 2017 at 06:45 am in the starting area. All participants must attend.

Attendants are not provided.

Along the route there will be assistance points with phone connection to the race organizers, ambulances and mountain rescue. The assistance services are required to help participants who are in rouble and to use the organizers‘ resources. The check point personnel and the official mountain rescue service are authorized to exclude any participant from the race, who is considered to be unfit. Auxiliary personnel are authorized to evacuate -with all means at their disposal - any participant considered to be in danger. If necessary, the official mountain rescue service will be called in. It will then take charge of and employ all suitable means (including helicopters) at its disposal. The decision to call the mountain rescue service in order to aid a person requiring assistance is exclusively left up to organizers‘ staff. Any expenses associated with the use of these extraordinary means will be charged to the participant receiving assistance, in accordance with applicable regulations. Participants who see a doctor or auxiliary personnel must recognize their authority and agree to comply with their decisions.
The race will start on Saturday, July 7th 2018 at 07:00 am in St.Cyprian /Tiers.
Maximum time: 10 hours (for both races). The race will end at 05:00 pm.
• Grasleiten pass 5:30 hours (within Saturday, July 7th 2018, 1:30 pm)

Time limits (maximum times for the individual sections) are shown on the map of the route. Athletes must leave the checkpoint by 15 minutes – at the latest – after the time limit expires. Runners
who exceed the time limit will be excluded from the race. The „Besenläufer“ will accompany the last runners up to the next checkpoint. All participants must follow the instructions given by the race judges, the checkpoint personnel and the “Besenläufer”. Participants can abandon the race only when they are near a checkpoint, unless they are injured or suffering from exhaustion. The judge will decide what to do and will organize the return to Tiers. Every participant must communicate the withdrawal from the race to a race marshal or call the race control.
The time measurement takes place electronically with chip by the company DATASPORT AG. The chip is integrated into the start number and does not have to be returned. Each participant gets his runtime by SMS. In order to benefit from this cost-free service, a mobile number must be given when registering

The organizers reserve the right to change the route, the locations of the assistance and refreshment points, and the time limits at any time and without notice. The race may be cancelled at any time for safety reasons. The start of the race may be postponed or invalidated due to bad weather. The organizers reserve the right to modify or remove sections of the route as necessary. If changes are made or the race is suspended, contestants will not be entitled to a refund of the entry fee.

All contestants waive any right on their own image before, during and after the race.

By submitting the application to the “ Rosengarten Schlern Sky Marathon” each contestant accepts the competition regulations.
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