45 kilometres without asphalt and 3000 metres in altitude difference – this is the challenge at the Skymarathon Rosengarten Schlern on 8 July 2023 in Tiers.


There is also a choice of a second route over 36 kilometers with 2,000 meters of altitude, which leads from the highest point on the Passo Principe (2,601 m above sea level) to the valley over the Ciamin Valley. The start is at 7 a.m. at the Hotel Cyprianerhof.  Along the route there are several refreshment stations, and the first goal is to have passed the checkpoint below the Passo Principe by 12.30 pm at the latest. Runners of the long route who reach the checkpoint after this time will be diverted to the short distance and will still be qualified thanks to a change in the regulations.

While the athletes run the race in five to six hours, the maximum time limit of the race is set at ten hours. Runners who do not reach the finish line by 5 p.m. will no longer be qualified.

Arriving at the finish line, the participants can take advantage of the meal voucher included in the fee, and with the unique sight of the rose garden glowing in the sunset they will forget the hardships of the race.


45 km

Ascent: ca. 2.980 m
Descent: ca. 3.083 m
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The long route of 45 kilometres with a 2,980 metre ascent and a 3,083 metre descent leads over the Cigolade Pass (variant towards Ciamedie and Gardeccia if unviable), the Passo Principe/Grasleitenpass and the Molignon Pass to the Sciliar; after the Devil's Gorge - also known as the Prügelweg – a final ascent leads up to the Tschafon before the finish line in the centre of the village of Tiers.
Due to its length and the difference in altitude it is a mountain marathon. The name "Sky Marathon" describes the length and alpine characteristics of the trail run at over 2,000 metres. 


36 km

Ascent: ca. 1.908 m
Descent: ca. 1.935 m
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The short route stretches over 36 kilometres with 1,908 metres of ascent and 1,935 metres of descent. It follows the same route as the long track around the Rosengarten massif until the highest peak, Passo Principe/Grasleitenpass. Then it leads down to the Rufugio Bergamo/Grasleitenhütte, through Ciamin Valley/Tschamintal, Lavina Bianca/Weißlahnbad e Oberstraße back to the centre of the village of Tiers.



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